Noise, Musicians’ and Swim Ear Plugs

Noise Plugs

At Specialist Hearing Services we can make custom made noise plugs to protect your hearing against loud noise and are suitable for industrial workers, construction workers, military or aircraft operators who are exposed to continuous loud noise and can reduce the sound by up to 40 decibels. Many people have these plugs made so they can sleep peacefully. Others use the plugs to minimise the risk of hearing loss while working in noisy environments. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can damage sensitive hearing hair cells (nerves in the cochlear) gradually. If you suffer from tinnitus, exposure to loud sounds can increase the severity and occurrence of the tinnitus. All our custom made plugs are durable and comfortable to wear.

Musicians' Ear Plugs

Music heard at loud levels over long periods of time can damage the hearing of musicians, players in orchestra and bands, and people who frequent concerts. Our custom made musician ear plugs replicate the natural response of the ear canal so that while they reduce the overall sound dosage, the music will keep its quality, clarity and depth. There are three interchangeable attenuators available so you can vary the ability to filter conversational sounds whilst maintaining the quality of music.

Swim Ear Plugs

Specialist Hearing Services make custom made plugs for use while swimming, bathing or showering to help keep your ears dry. They are especially useful for children who have undergone surgery for grommets and need to keep their ears dry as well as clean. Adults with pre-existing history of canal infections or pathology are advised to keep their ears dry and this is the best and most comfortable solution. We are also distributors of Doc's Pro Plugs which are ready made, preformed swim ear plugs.

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