Ian Macfarlan

My dear Elaine & Ladies, thank you for getting the Hearing Aid back to me, it has made the world of difference! I will be really glad to be home again, which will be on the 26th. I wanted to stay at home but my Doctor said it was not possible, so here I am! My huge thanks and very best of wishes to you.

Leonie and Robert

Dear Shannon, Elaine, Tanya and Becky,

Thank you so much for your loving kindness to me. Sending a prayer.

Love and hugs Leonie and Robert -2019

Carol Solly

These must be the best hearing specialists in Perth. They really know their business and are all lovely people too. Nothing is too much trouble, what a team! Thank you all very much for your help and kindness over the past few months. Very best wishes for the future in your new beautiful premises.


The team at Specialist Hearing Services were just what I needed when I had a tinnitus problem recently. Their patience, understanding and subsequent expertise in resolving my problem was the perfect Christmas present. Starting with the first phone call to explain my situation right through to me leaving with the problem sorted the service was second to none. THANK YOU most sincerely to the team at Specialist Hearing Services.

Abagail Harman

Elaine is the most amazing independent audiologist that we have had the good fortune to meet. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and kind. If anyone can help my husband regain his hearing, Elaine will. I have no hesitation in always recommending her.

Glen Marshall

To the Specialist Hearing Centre

I have been a patient of Elaine Melville at Specialist Hearing Services for approximately 6 years. In that time she has gone to great lengths to ensure that I received the best attention and assistance in finding the correct hearing aids for my needs. I believe that few people in my life (age 77 years) have attempted to give as much as Elaine has to my wellbeing. She has shown compassion, encouragement and patience in endeavouring to improve my hearing.


Glen Marshall

Paul Corrigan

I can only say positive things about my experiences with Elaine and her team. My new hearing aids have transformed my life, my families life, my friends life and all those who I work with for the better. Thanks Elaine, you and your team are brilliant - life changers! Regards, Paul Corrigan

Martin Wilder

All went well, all my questions were answered in detail, everyone I dealt with, in person and/or on the phone (or through email) was great. I am very happy with my hearing device and with the outcome in general so far. I will recommend your services, Thank you very much.


Martin Wilder

Hendrika Yates

Dear Elaine & Wonderful Staff

Thank you for the Birthday wishes. I loved it!! I also like to thank you for the wonderful job you have done with my ears. You are wonderful Elaine!! Your patience and knowledge is great. My life has changed a lot since I have my hearing aids. I join in every conversation and it is wonderful people are listening to me again.

Lots of love from
Hendrika Yates

Kath Wyatt

I recently became aware of concern raised in the publication “The Conversation” ( by Robert Cowan, Professorial Research Fellow, Audiology and Speech Pathology, University of Melbourne), about some operators who identify themselves as audiologists.

I understand the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has been watching the audiology industry because of concerns that some practitioners may be overcharging for hearing aids.

For years now I have suffered hearing loss and have consulted hearing specialists and audiologists from whom I have received exceptional care and professional treatment.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge and express my sincere appreciation to Specialist Hearing Services. My audiologist, Elaine Melville, is a practiced and well qualified health professional. Because of her expertise, advice and nurturing I have been fitted with hearing aids within my budget that have significantly improved my quality of life. Also Elaine has introduced me to other devices and aids that have benefited me greatly, as well as regularly updating me with helpful tips and suggestions.

Soubhi Jabbour

I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding service that you and your staff have provided to me regarding my hearing aids.

Your level of knowledge and expertise is extraordinary and, in the 8 plus years I have been wearing aids, this is the first time I have felt truly comfortable with a hearing product and more importantly, the service.

To lobby Starkey on my behalf to replace, free of charge, my existing Halo i110 RIC 13 system, that clearly was not fitted properly nor fit for purpose, with the Muse i2400 RIC, plus a SurfLink remote control, is above and beyond what I originally thought would occur.

I believe that the unregulated audiology industry in Australia has resulted in unethical and immoral business practices, where some businesses place the sale of a particular system before the needs of the client. Indeed I understand that in Australia a person can be untrained and claim to be an audiologist, selling and fitting hearing aids. Unfortunately I believe I have fallen into this area a number of times in the past.

You have put together a great team that makes clients feel respected and valued and I will certainly take every opportunity to recommend Specialist Hearing Services.

I look forward to working with your team in the future

Gillian Douglas

Dear Elaine & Staff,

Your care and dedication in finding me the best pair of hearing aids for my needs was amazing. I feel so comfortable and connected again to the world and will always recommend you guys to anyone in need. Thank you so much, Gillian Douglas

John Anderson

Dear Shannon,

Thank you so much for your attention to my hearing needs. Your professional skills were immediately apparent and backed by your natural empathy gave me every confidence in a huge improvement in my hearing powers. With very kind regards, John Anderson

Mr John Naunton

To future clients with hearing difficulties. I would like to recommend to anyone with hearing disabilities that Specialist Hearing Services is a first class firm to deal with. From the Receptionists Hailey and Becky to originally Roberta and now my extensive dealings with Elaine I have had very good service to restore me to a normal place in society hearing-wise.

I would especially like to mention Elaine as a person having a complete grasp on all aspects of hearing difficulties. Also the patience she exhibited in making sure that I had the cheapest method of completely solving the few problems that I presented in the course of restoring my hearing.

I am astonished at the technology that my hearing aids not only solved my hearing difficulties but the fact that:
A: to be able to use them for bringing the TV into my hearing
B: being able to answer the landline phone and
C: using them in Theatres for audio hearing . Previously I had used headphones to improve my TV hearing, but Elaine’s technology was even better than the high quality headphones I used.

Despite the superiority of the technology she prescribed for me, based on a previous experience with another firm who could only concentrate on the most expensive e experience, Elaine’s decisions were always based on the RIGHT technology, not the most expensive technology available.

There were a few problems which arose, but all it did was to reveal Elaine’s complete knowledge of the technology, but with one particular problem it also revealed that she had the complete backing of the manufactures to gain further knowledge to solve a rare problem.

There was one occasion that she was late with my appointment, but I could see that she was making sure the previous client had the best advice as she had done with me, so lateness was not a problem.

My special thanks and appreciation that I had found this business.

Karen Appleby

I couldn’t be happier with the service from Elaine Melville at Specialist Hearing Services. After 38 years of severe ski slope loss in my left ear but perfect hearing in my right ear, I didn’t know what I was missing out on until Elaine opened up a new world of hearing for me with new technology and tailor made assistance. It took great perseverance, patience and gentle encouragement from Elaine to create the perfect hearing aid solution for me. We had many early morning or last minute appointments so I could work around the kids schedules and my job. Elaine was very flexible and explained everything she was doing along the way, giving me plenty of time to ‘test drive’ the aids until I was happy. Elaine and Sylvia provided the ultimate in personalized service and are such lovely people.

Thank you very much Specialist Hearing Services!


I never thought hearing aids could be so small and discreet! I put off wearing them because I thought everyone would be able to see them and was pleasantly surprised when the team at Specialist Hearing showed me how small they now are. The best thing of all is that I can now hear better at work and hearing my children’s voices is now much easier.

Greg Simpson

This testimonial is written with heartfelt thanks. Elaine Melville changed my life. Her empathy and compassion were evident from our first meeting and the results she delivered blew me away. Then to my amazement came the follow up maintenance, reinforcing her total dedication in improving my hearing. No sale pitch, no pressure. Just a professional diagnosis and recommendation. My decision to buy after trial was very easy. A renewed quality of life had come my way, as I soon discovered included fantastic after sales service. Loss of hearing sneaks up on you and has a profound effect on loved ones. I owe Elaine a lot more than thanks and I will wholeheartedly recommend her to any colleague or friend suffering hearing loss. Thanks Elaine. I can hear the birds.

Bruce Taylor

My name is Bruce, and I am hearing impaired. I have a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and require hearing aids to handle my personal and work life day by day. I am married to a wonderful wife, Louise, and we are expecting our first child in September 2013. Last year, my hearing aids were in need of replacing and I was referred to Specialist Hearing Services by a job agency. Elaine Melville was assigned to assist me with new hearing aids. I felt very much at ease with Elaine due to her guidance and support in helping me find the right hearing aids that would benefit me not just for work, but also for personal reasons. Her professionalism and dedication in providing the right hearing aids and set-up is amazing and I am very grateful to Elaine and to Specialist Hearing Services for the fantastic provision given me. The technology in hearing aids today is amazing and there is so much one can do with Bluetooth technology that is readily available with hearing aids! One can use Bluetooth to synchronise with iPods, tablets and mobile phones! I have no hesitation in recommending Specialist Hearing Services for their service and expert guidance in assisting those with hearing issues to find the right hearing aids for them.

Robert Baldwin

I approached Specialist Hearing in late 2008 concerning a tinnitus problem with which I’d suffered for many years.

I experienced a good feeling about it all from the very beginning. I took part in a lengthy trial which tested a new treatment method and which involved evaluations on a regular basis. During this time I found the staff to be encouraging, supportive, and helpful, as well as being motivated by a genuine desire to enhance their patients’ quality of life through relieving their tinnitus and improving their hearing and so reducing their sense of social isolation. What’s more, as a result of the treatment, I feel that my hearing has improved.

I have no hesitation in recommending this company and its professional staff to anybody seeking relief from a hearing affliction.

Bernie Connolly

Discovering my hearing loss at 40 was not from a wax build up and that I needed hearing aids was devastating to my self esteem. All I could see was big, ugly, whistling aids in my future. Luckily for me I was put in touch with the lovely ladies at Specialist Hearing. The professional and emotional support offered by Roberta and Elaine was fabulous. Nothing was a problem and everything had a solution. Specialist Hearing are just that – specialists! Elaine guided me through the complexity that is the world of hearing instruments with such gentle care and understanding that I never felt rushed to make a decision. I was allowed the time and space to ‘test drive’ four different designs before settling on the most suitable ones. Elaine’s commitment to both her professional knowledge and her clients is outstanding as she continually worked hard sourcing the best technology and instruments to suit my loss, negotiating with manufacturers to combine the best technology with the smallest instruments, making adjustments and coordinating refits and remoulds where necessary in order to achieve the best outcome for me. I thoroughly recommend the service of Specialist Hearing to everyone.

Reece Jennings

Hi Elaine,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help finding me some suitable hearing aids, I'm extremely happy with them.

I appreciate the extra time and effort you have put in to both the fitting and sourcing the appropriate level of technology to suit my budget and fussy aesthetic requirements. It was a long haul but we got there in the end.

It is not often you come across a professional like yourself who is willing to go the extra yards to ensure they are providing the best service to their client.

You have definitely gone above and beyond my expectations and I only wish there were more people like you in this world. I would be glad to recommend you to anyone who is thinking about purchasing some hearing aids or in need of any advice in regards to their hearing. They will be in safe hands with you.

Thanks again

Wendy Ezzy

My name is Wendy Ezzy and I am 64 yrs old. I am privileged to be client of Elaine Melville and the wonderful people at Specialist Hearing services. Without the fantastic services and attention to detail I would not be able to work and my life would just be a lot of noises. I would not be able to hear the wonderful stories my Grandchildren have to tell me.


When I first came to the clinic , I was in need of advice about my conditions, the treatments available and what direction to take. I suffered from chronic Tinnitus and Hyperacusis which was having a negative impact on my life. I had to work part-time to give myself more time to rest as my sleep was disrupted by my conditions. When I was stressed the sound of a rustling blanket was painful to my ears and some days I was at wits end. Elaine Melville has a focused, Compassionate and comprehensive approach to attending the needs of her clients. Elaine was able to give me proper advice and monitor the treatment that gave me more freedom from my conditions. The Hyperacusis has gone and the edge has been taken off my Tinnitus, enough so that I have returned to full-time study researching Tinnitus management. I have recommended Elaine to family and friends and will continue to do so. I have learned to manage Tinnitus even on my bad days.

Maureen Ames

From my very first visit with Elaine Melville I was very impressed with her great knowledge of hearing. Her relaxed manner put me at ease as I was very nervous about getting hearing aids. Nothing seemed too much trouble for her to do it for you. Her aim is to help you as much as possible.

I'm 70 years old and with all of Elaine's help made it easy for me to adopt to my hearing aids. It had made my life so much better now i can hear.

I would certainly recommend Elaine Melvile at Specialist Hearing Services in Wembley to anyone.

Thanks Elaine.

Dragi Barakovski

After experiencing a hearing loss and having gone to multiple places in relation to the same, I was referred to Elaine from Specialist Hearing Services.

Elaine did a very detailed audiology test that I’ve never had done before. After she completed all my tests she recommended that I try three different hearing aids; once I completed the trail based on my feedback she determined which one was the best for my hearing loss and tinnitus.

I was very happy with Elaine’s help as she is a truly knowledgeable and passionate professional in her area. She didn’t only help me with the aid it’s self but also helped me understand in detail my problem, its potential cause and ongoing management.

It is a petty that I didn’t meet her earlier to assist with my hearing problem.

I would highly recommend Elaine and her team to anyone in need of any hearing services.

The Van Geyzel Family

Dear Shannon, thank you for your patience and kindness with our mother. You explained everything so well to her and spent more time with her than we expected. We are truly grateful that she is under the care of such a wonderful audiologist. Many sincere thanks. The Van Geyzel Family

Jan Ladhams

Dear Elaine, Shannon & Becky

Thank you for your friendliness and professionalism. My hearing aids have boosted my confidence when I'm working and I'm very grateful for all your help. I look forward to enjoying the rest of my hearing journey with you. Jan Ladhams

Sandra Hall

Becky greeted me with a million dollar smile. My partners hearing aids weren't working, she promptly fixed them, they were wax bound. Gave me a brochure to show my partner Ian Macfarlan how to clean out. Fab service. Sandra Hall

Judith Martin

For many years I had ear infections, as soon as the weather changed for winter my ears would ache, my ears were ringing, I wouldn’t be able to hear, off to my GP I would go…..antibiotics would be prescribed I would have my ears syringed……my hearing would improve for a short while.

Hearing Loss, Ear Aches and Tinnitus became an overwhelming part of my everyday life. I couldn’t hear my grandkids, the TV had to be tuned up, I couldn’t hear my walking buddy!!!! I was missing out on the small talk in the group conversations. I had trains and aeroplanes noises in my ears….it had become unbearable. I couldn’t sleep….that was the worst part, I was so “over it”!!!

I went to back to my GP , she referred me to an ENT specialist, she couldn’t do anything else for me. I went to see Dr Jen Ha, she did a thorough examination to find I had, had ear infections these infections had caused mild to moderate hearing loss. She referred me to a Tinnitus Consultant Attune and a Hearing Specialist. I took the referrals home and put them aside.

OMG I might need Hearing aids…..my parents had hearing aids….the “big banana ones,” I’m not having those!!! I was in denial!! The problem just went on, it got too much…….I rang the Tinnitus Specialist and made an appointment. I attended a very caring and knowledgeable consultant who gave me reassurance and help to overcome tinnitus difficulties.

The next step was the visit to the Hearing Specialist. Elaine Melville. I had more exploratory tests…. “I can do this.” Very thorough and extensive, reassurance and guidance given all the way through. Yes, I needed hearing aids….what sort….in the ear, over the ear…..what was I to choose? I chose the is the ear type….I came home, will my hearing be better!!!

What a change!!! What a difference……I walked out of the rooms got into my car, I could hear the “clicking” of the indicators! Hadn’t heard that before. My new hearing aids were working well! I can hear!! My Grandkids, the TV, the group conversations……I could hear everything!!! Perhaps I can hear too much!!!

Thank you Elaine and your very friendly staff for your expertise, love and assistance.

I can hear !!!

Specialist Hearing Services