Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are an option for many with untreatable hearing losses. In Australia the average Australian has a hearing loss for six years before he/she takes any action to improve their access to sound. Early intervention dictates better outcomes

Hearing aids vary in style, brands and technology. At Specialist Hearing we base your hearing solution on the principle of ethical practice. First, we ensure an accurate diagnosis which is why we allocate one to two hours for the assessment. We make evidence-based recommendations and prescribe treatment and device features where there is clinical need. As a member of Independent Audiologists Australia we believe in ethical pricing, no sales targets or commissions. We do not aggressively advertise cheap prices on the internet, social media nor do we engage in marketing campaigns to elicit business. All our patients come from either doctors / specialists referrals or word of mouth recommendations because we always do what is best for the patient.

Being Independent we can provide devices and implants from all manufacturers; so you get the one that is right for your needs. We offer you a choice of options at different price points that will treat your hearing loss and take time to explain the benefits of each alternative. The best outcomes are achieved when we work collaboratively together with you.

Hearing aids can now be made compatible with Bluetooth devices such as mobile phone, GPS devices, laptop computers, televisions and personal listening devices such as MP3 players. This means that music, television signals and phone conversations can be transmitted directly to your hearing aid for the optimal listening experience.

At Specialist Hearing Services we will fit the hearing aids that will give the best access to sound based on your budget and lifestyle needs. We can access all different types and brands of hearing aids to give you the hearing aid/s that will best suit you.

As a fully independent hearing aid provider, we are able to source all types and brands of hearing aids. Most hearing clinics are owned by large multi-national companies who promote the one brand of hearing aid. While this may suit some people, not all hearing losses and lifestyles are the same.

You could compare it to going to a car yard and only being able to buy a Honda. While a Honda is a good car brand, it may not be the best car for all people. It’s the same with hearing aids. Someone with a busy interactive lifestyle who frequents restaurants, play sport and is involved in meetings will have different hearing aid needs to someone who converses only in one-to-one situations and watches television for most of the day.

Specialist Hearing Services can source hearing aids from the following manufacturers:
  • Phonak life is on
  • Oticon People First
  • Unitron Connect
  • Widex high definition hearing
  • Siemens
  • GN Resound
  • Sonic innovations
  • Starkey

Take a Hearing Aid for a Test Drive

You can test drive a car... why not test drive a hearing aid?

At Specialist Hearing Services we know the value of trying before you buy especially when it comes to hearing aids. In this way you can truly ascertain the listening benefits a hearing aid can give you while at home or at work, while socialising, on the telephone and while watching television. No hearing aid will give you 100% hearing - unfortunately nothing can replace a normal working hearing mechanism - however; a hearing aid can restore your access to sound and re-connect you with the people who are the most important to you and to environmental sounds and of course music.

It will take a good few days to adjust to a hearing aid especially if your hearing loss has been present for a long time. Research shows the earlier someone with a hearing loss is fitted with a hearing aid, the more and quicker they benefit from the devices.

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