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A video to help understand hearing loss and hearing impairment by explaining how hearing works.

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Welcome to Specialist Hearing Services

We are an independent Western Australian Audiology Clinic. Our university trained and experienced Audiologists specialise in expert diagnostic hearing assessments and are committed to finding the best hearing and communication solutions for you including hearing aids, Cochlear Implants, Middle Ear Implants as well as assistive listening devices – all styles and brands. We are an accredited Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment Provider.

Member of Independent Audiologists of Australia

Quality, Integrity, Independence.

  • Far more thorough than I expected. Excellent attention to detail. Delightful to have found such a top notch audiologist. (2023)
  • Had a problem with my Bluetooth phone connection. I was so lucky to come in and Kelly was on the front desk. She was brilliant, so helpful, so knowledgeable, fixed the problem - all the time flashing her smile. Huge thanks. (2023)

  • Please pass on my sincere thanks to Elaine, she has gone above and beyond to help my Mum, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford these aids. The aids have been life changing for her - they are 100% better than her previous ones. Thank you for your care of my Mum, I appreciate it so much. (2023)
    Claire Hurst
  • Oh my goodness! Dr Melville is life changing in the work she does! The most fantastic, caring experience today! (2023)
  • Excellent work from Nicole and Elaine – and a freebie! (2023)
  • Lawley & I have been patients for a long time since 2017 and have always received the best of treatment from all the staff. (2023)

  • Another perfect appointment, thank you. (2023)
    Lynne Reid
  • Shannon. Thank you and everyone at specialist hearing. I’m sorry. I have forgotten your front office lady’s name. She is such an asset for your company. My goodie bag is so great including the packet of sweets. The chocie each time I leave.  The caring and expertise of you all.  I really feel special and spoilt thank u so much! (2023)
  • I have had a lovely experience with Nicole and Elaine. You explained and enlightened me no end. Thank you so much. (2023)
    Henriette Frost
  • Was very professional, very friendly. Appreciated the advice and service by all. Thanks. (2023)
    Chris Nash
  • As always – wonderful, professional, caring service; Elaine’s knowledge, skill and willingness to always go further, and her vast experience, have been life changing over the past 8 years. (2022)
  • All the best for 2022 and thanks again for your wonderful professional care and support, and the wonderfully warm welcoming received from all staff. (2022)
  • To Dear Elaine, Thank you so much for the thorough check up. You went above and beyond. You’re so lovely and have a caring nature, don’t change. Thank you for all your advice in life too. Much appreciated. (2021)
  • Thank you for your refreshing personality and kindness. You are so professional but friendly, you are just the nicest person. I know you will always give everyone who is in your care a wonderful lift. (2021)
  • Many thanks for your help the other day. I certainly appreciate all of your help over the years. I would not hesitate to recommend you and all at Specialist Hearing. (2020)
  • My dear Elaine & Ladies, thank you for getting the Hearing Aid back to me, it has made the world of difference! I will be really glad to be home again, which will be on the 26th. I wanted to stay at home but my Doctor said it was not possible, so here I am! My huge thanks and very best of wishes to you. (2019)
    Ian Macfarlan
  • These must be the best hearing specialists in Perth. They really know their business and are all lovely people too. Nothing is too much trouble, what a team! Thank you all very much for your help and kindness over the past few months. Very best wishes for the future in your new beautiful premises. (2019)
    Carol Solly
  • Elaine is the most amazing independent audiologist that we have had the good fortune to meet. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and kind. If anyone can help my husband regain his hearing, Elaine will. I have no hesitation in always recommending her. (2018)
    Abagail Harman
  • All went well, all my Questions were answered in detail, Everyone I dealt with, in Person and/or on the phone (or through email) was great. I am very happy with my hearing device and with the outcome in general so far. I will recommend your services,  Thank you very much. (2017)
    Martin Wilder


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